How team building works

The quality of our rooms design, game flow, and technology create an intensely immersive experience for your colleagues. Curious to know how team building is different from regular bookings? It is no different, the experience is the same as any normal booking, the games do the work of creating communication and collaboration for your team with intricate design and puzzle flow. Your group will find themselves in various situations of needing to communicate and react to the games flow while being immersed in grand theming.

Simply create a one room experience for your team or create a multi-room experience in your cart by clicking “add another experience”. For example, you can have a group of 12 and select School of Magic for 6 and Nineteen70 for 6 and complete the booking. You have now setup a team building experience for your team. It is that simple.

We do not offer food catering or dedicated rooms for any food. The best experiences if you are also eating is enjoying your meal before you arrive or right after your event is over.