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We have put together a collection of stunning next-generation escape rooms. These rooms have passion and detail every step of the way. The typical escape room is loaded up with padlocks and thrift store furniture, however, this does not satisfy our craving to bring out the best games in the area. In all of our games the highest level of technology and theming is utilized throughout the experience to bring the most in-depth experience possible. To find an escape room with the same level of pride and budget in their rooms you would need to visit International Drive in Orlando. We are happy to provide this high-end experience in SW Ocala.

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Review the rooms on this page, select the one you love, click “book now” and reserve your spot, show up 5-minutes early, we will give you instructions and prepare you to play and then you have 60-minutes to attempt to escape the room. Don’t worry you are never officially locked in a room, and we offer unlimited clues as needed so you can always advance as a team and have fun!

Our Escape Rooms

Tomb Of Tales

New Game / Family Fantasy Adventure

A journey to find the lost tomb was the goal, however, it was a something much more dangerous that you embarked upon, the battlefield of the Bone King Cedric, as you carefully navigate this lost and forgotten battlefield it will grant you passage into the tomb if you navigate the journey accordingly but be careful not to awaken the bone guard along the way.


The Candy Shop – Afterhours

Adventure Genre Theme

You have finally arrived at your destination, Mr. McGuires candy shop. A candy shop with a very special unknown that you want to acquire for yourself, you have been hired by Mr. McGuire as shop help and your first night is tonight! However, this undercover activity won’t last through the night as Mr. McGuire will notice you poking around in an unordinary way “looking for something” and he will know exactly why you have arrived. You only have tonight to find what you know you are looking for, good luck and be swift!



Horror Genre Theme
Players Choice BullsEye 2022 Award Nominee

In an effort to combat and bring serial murderers to justice Huddys PD is assembling a special crimes division and you have been hand selected. In particular this division will investigate the current wave of haenous murders across the city, protocol will be to get this unit on scene for active crime scenes. After an officer down at the Steelies residence comes across the radio you immediately race to the scene. Your hearts racing as it’s clear this scene has an active killer on site. Tread lightly and gather your evidence but don’t worry about Huddy PD getting in the way, they’ve been called back so you have full scene control. You have one hour to catch this maniac before he dissapears!

Brilliant For

Families and Friends

Ok! C’mon, who doesn’t like a little inner circle and close family competition with a dash of entertainment? We have found this to be an amazing activity to partake in with friends and family. You’ll be immersed in our room and challenged to communicate and collaborate (I know, I know, but trust us, you will!). Let this be the guaranteed fun for your group we know it will be!

Team Building

Collaborate and Communicate

Very simple, we strive to create a genuine, fully custom, high-end experience. These experiences have served hundreds of teambuilding groups create a fun collaborative, communicative experience together. Bringing the team together to have a successful experience is what we strive to do. This is why we deploy the highest level of escape room standards from around the Country. Bring in your team for a magically awesome experience they will talk about for months after.

What people are saying

Great experience at Huddys with my friends! We did the School of Magic room and it was such a unique experience! Game master was super nice and made sure we were educated on what we should do! Will definitely be back to do the other room soon! Thanks for a great experience.

Cassandra Howard

The Magic room was amazing! I can not wait to go back and check out The Omen! There is a ton of love and thought into his rooms. The School of Magic let me nerd out without feeling weird about it 🙂

Ashley Dafoe

Completed the Omen escape room at Huddys. Room was very very detailed, thought out and kept us guessing. Was a very fun time, highly recommend! Owners are super kind as well and accommodating. I would absolutely do another escape room with Huddys.

Jena Campbell

We did the school of magic room and it was so much fun! I loved how interactive everything is and the details in the room are amazing. I’m a newbie when it comes to escape rooms only having done a few so far and this has been my favorite so far! We escaped wooho Thank you so much to the owners for being so amazing! Can’t wait to try the Omen room.

Brenda Ruiz

With around 600 escape rooms under the belt we always walk into new places a little weary because we have seen and done it all through our journey. This place is right up towards the top for us! We booked both rooms (The Omen & School of Magic) for later in the day, but when some last minute things popped up, we called to move our time slots up sooner. This was my first interaction with the owner Adam, who was extremely personable and accommodating. Upon arriving, the lobby is unique and nicely done. Lots to see and look at while you wait. Both rooms are excellent! Well decorated, fun puzzles and very interactive. I don’t want to give too much away, but pay close attention to detail. We hung around and chatted with Adam after we were finished and he is so passionate about his business. His face literally lights up when he talks about his all of his hard work and his future ideas. We also got a sneak peek at the VR room and cannot wait to come back and check it out when it opens (very soon!) Thanks Adam and Huddy’s!

Steven Smalt

Went on a date night here with my boyfriend and we loved it! The owner is very kind and personalizes the experience. We did the School of Magic room and we were definitely impressed. So worth it!

Emily Alfonso

Owners were amazing and for a date night it was awesome! We did The Omen and were scared the whole time!! Definitely worth it and I cant wait to go back

Aaron Brummette

Excellent!! We have done many rooms and these rooms really impressed us! Owners were so kind and you can feel the passion they have for their games! Both rooms had great logic, great effects and awesome appearance! We traveled 2 hours and it was well worth it! Thank you for having us and for your hard work.

Jennifer Fish

We had the pleasure of escaping School of Magic yesterday and it was such a fun experience!! Huddy’s has gone above and beyond to truly transport you in the game. From the musical elements to the magical locks! This is not your every day escape room filled with combination locks. Nay nay! So get your friends together and go have this magical adventure!

Loida Garcia

Awesome family owned business with excellent rooms. Our 3 person team has OVER 100 rooms under our belt and we do have one complaint and that’s for more rooms to play! Great Scenery, good logic, and lots of tech makes for alot of fun! Highly recommend Huddys for 1st timers and Veteran Escapees.

Joseph McNair

Had an incredible experience at Huddy’s. We’ve done approx. 50 rooms and these are definitely within our top 10. Both rooms were very detailed and you can tell a lot of time and effort were put into giving you the best experience possible. Spent time talking with the owners and they are wonderful people. They are very passionate and we look forward to whatever they have planned for the future.

Kenneth Arnold

Our little Tampa duo just left The Omen room at Huddy’s. CREEPY! The room was very immersive, the effects nearly gave me a heart attack a few times and the design details were obviously crafted by enthusiasts and lovers of the escape room field. We didn’t get out but we enjoyed the experience greatly and will make the hour and half drive back for school of magic soon!

Dez Lyn

We did both rooms, and we had a blast! The decorations were amazing, the owners are very nice, and I can’t wait for them to add more rooms!

Roni Clark

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