School of Magic Story

School of Magic 3.5/5 Difficulty
Magical / Fantasy

Life has given you a unique chance to study in the most magical place in the universe. This is a place where you won’t study trigonometry, they don’t have parents’ meetings or diaries. It’s a school of witchcraft and wizardry!

You are students of this school. You study different fields of magic and the experience is like no other but life cannot always be good and calm, there are problems even in the magical world.

The other day reading the new issue of the “Weekly Prophet”, you came across this article:

“The mysterious disappearance of two wizards, one of them found severely injured with a bloody note in his hand saying “I’m back”.

And then you realize that the evil is probably already at school, rumor has it that the evil wizard is back.
Learn the truth or stay out of it, challenge yourself or wait for your time, save the school or leave it to the mercy of fate.



Nineteen70 4.5/5 Difficulty
2022 Players Choice BullsEye Award nominee.

In an effort to combat and bring serial murderers to justice Huddys PD is assembling a special crimes division and you have been hand selected. In particular this division will investigate the current wave of haenous murders across the city, protocol will be to get this unit on scene for active crime scenes. After an officer down at the Steelies residence comes across the radio you immediately race to the scene. Your hearts racing as it’s clear this scene has an active killer on site. Tread lightly and gather your evidence but don’t worry about Huddy PD getting in the way, they’ve been called back so you have full scene control. You have one hour to catch this maniac before he dissapears!


Candy Shop Afterhours

Candy Shop Afterhours 3/5 Difficulty
Family Adventure

You have finally arrived at your destination, Mr. McGuires candy shop. A candy shop with a very special unknown that you want to acquire for yourself, you have been hired by Mr. McGuire as shop help and your first night is tonight! However, this undercover activity won’t last through the night as Mr. McGuire will notice you poking around in an unordinary way “looking for something” and he will know exactly why you have arrived. You only have tonight to find what you know you are looking for, good luck and be swift!

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